ONLINE HOLIDAY SHOPPING: Give Back Without Spending Extra!

Give Back by Shopping

This holiday season you can donate to our wonderful organization just by doing your regular online shopping.


All you need to do is join Shop and Share and make Cameray Child and Family Services your preferred non-profit organization.  Start at their website and they will link you with your favourite online retailers.  Shop as usual, and the retailer will donate a percentage of what you spend to Cameray.

It’s that simple!

Participating retailers include:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Etsy
  • Gap/Old Navy
  • Indigo/Chapters
  • iTunes
  • The Bay
  • Walmart
  • and many more!

Click here for more detailed information.

Thank You for a Successful Open House

On Tuesday, September 26 Cameray Child and Family Services opened its doors to their community partners and funders for an Open House to celebrate Cameray’s 45th birthday! We also were celebrating our 25th anniversary at our location on Imperial Street in Burnaby, and the grand opening of our new expanded space at that location!

We had a great turnout. Guests enjoyed guided tours of the program space, an opportunity to place their handprint on our Cameray Tree and to make a “mindfulness jar” (an example of a therapeutic craft often done in counselling sessions), an abundance of food, and some great doorprizes.

Guests of note were Raj Chouhan, MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds, and Bernard Richard, the Representative for Children and Youth in BC.

The event culminated in a ribbon cutting to mark the grand opening of our newly expanded space. Ribbon cutters included (as pictured from left to right) : Bernard Richard, BC Representative for Children and Youth; Jennie Ireland, Director of Operations, MCFD Burnaby; Tracey Rusnak, Executive Director; Raj Chouhan, MLA; and Don Macdonald, President of the Board of Directors.




Cameray in the National Observer

Cameray’s Refugee Trauma Support Program

CLICK HERE to check out this great article in the National Observer  highlighting Cameray’s wonderful collaborative work with the New Westminster School District and United Way of the Lower Mainland in providing the Refugee Trauma Support Program.  Congratulations to Cameray’s Tracey Rusnak, Farah Dawood and Michele Holding for helping this program come into fruition and for helping so many refugee families in our community.


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The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: Swimmy

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: Swimmy

swimmySwimmy is a children’s book written by Leo Lionni about a lone black fish named Swimmy who finds new sea creature friends after his school of red fish friends is eaten by a big, scary tuna fish. This story fits with September’s theme of friendship because Swimmy’s journey is about finding new friends when old ones are gone. It’s not that Swimmy isn’t liked – Swimmy’s friends are swallowed! But the resilient black fish manages to find new underwater buddies after searching the sea alone. With these new fish, Swimmy devises a plan to all swim together like one big fish, with Swimmy acting as the “eye”. They succeed in scaring away the big tuna.Continue reading

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: Llama Llama Misses Mama

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: Jared’s Cool Out Space

llama llama misses mamaLlama Llama Misses Mama, written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney, follows a llama who is anxious about his first day of school. The story has cute pictures and instead of kids going to a regular ‘human’ school, the story has llama students and a zebra teacher. This book has been recommended for kids aged 2 and up. Llama Llama and his mama get ready for school, but when they arrive and he has to say goodbye, he becomes sad and nervous. Llama Llama doesn’t know anybody at llama school and misses his mama. The zebra teacher and other llamas invite him to play some games and try the slide, which makes him feel better. At the end, Llama Llama realizes he not only loves his mama, but school, too!Continue reading

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: On Meadowview Street

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: On Meadowview Street

on meadowview streetOn Meadowview Street is a children’s book written by Henry Cole. This book is about a family who moves to a new suburban home on Meadowview Street, except that there are no meadows to be found. One day, daughter Caroline sees a flower pop up in the grass, so she decides to build a “wildflower reserve” around it. Soon, more flowers and insects appear and the reserve grows bigger. Caroline’s parents put their lawnmower up for sale, plant a tree, and even build a mini pond in their yard. By the end of the story, neighbours on Meadowview Street follow suit and soon enough, the whole street lives up to its name.Continue reading

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: Mama Is It Summer Yet?

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: Mama Is It Summer Yet?

mama is it summer yetMama, Is It Summer Yet? is a children’s book about the anticipation of summertime, written and illustrated by Nikki McClure. The story follows a mother and her son, who asks many times if it’s summer yet. The boy asks this each passing day as leaves return to the trees, flowers start to blossom, and the cold of winter fades away. In anticipation of summertime, the boy and his mother build a fort and start planting seeds in their garden. When summer finally arrives, the pair sit under a tree on a sunny day and eat some fruit. The story ends here, with summer arriving as a kind of reward for the boy’s patience and anticipation.Continue reading

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: Mine! Mine! Mine!

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: Mine! Mine! Mine!

mine mine mineMine! Mine! Mine! is a children’s story by Shelly Becker about a girl named Gail who doesn’t like to share. The illustrations by Hideko Takahashi are bright and have soft lines too, which makes it visually appealing. The story fits well with our monthly theme of childcare because it follows Gail as she learns how to share with her cousin Claire. Learning to share doesn’t come easy for Gail. When Claire starts playing with Gail’s teddy bear and tea set, Gail gets angry and takes the toys away. When Gail’s mom explains to Gail the importance of sharing toys with others, the story takes a funny turn as Gail decides to share old, dirty things she doesn’t care about. Gail’s mom notices this sneaky move and teaches Gail that to become a “pro” at sharing, you have to share some things you hold dearly.Continue reading

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table Book of the Month: RED: A Crayon’s Story

 Cameray and

The Burnaby Early Childhood Development Table

Book of the Month: Red: A Crayon’s Story

red a crayon's story

Red: A Crayon’s Story is an insightful story by Michael Hall. It’s about a red crayon that can only colour in blue. Other crayons ask the red crayon to help them with drawing strawberries, cherries, and other red things, but they all turn out blue. The red crayon feels a sort of identity crisis because as much as it tries, its intentions don’t match its outputs. That is, until the end of the story, when a berry coloured crayon asks the red crayon to draw a blue ocean. By the end, the red crayon realizes and accepts it can be itself, and that’s perfectly okay.Continue reading