Making Time for Children

Making Time for Children


We live in a time when we must learn new skills to cope with a flood of information, new technologies, and the loss of community support for our families. The almost inevitable outcome is that most adults feel unable to spend enough time with their children – time which is critical to their children’s well-being.



What are some of the things our children need from us?

  • Children need adult’s time and involvement in their lives.
  • Children need parents to recognize the value of allowing free time for play.

How do I, as a parent, integrate the many demands on my time?

  • Evaluate every time commitment.
  • Become vigilant is saying “no” – learn to determine which requests for work overload are really important
  • Know your limitations
  • Refresh yourselves on weekends.
  • Become more dispassionate in your relationship to work and define yourself independently of it
  • Set priorities
  • Seek flexible work arrangements to maximize personal/family time
  • Make time for personal priorities
  • Evaluate alternatives to your current grueling pace